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Garage floor Kansas City installed in 1 day by Amazing Garage Floors. Since 2007-Kansas City's leading installers of epoxy garage floors

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The Kansas City epoxy garage floor specialists since 2007. Epoxy garage floors are are specialty and ours are Beautiful, Durable, and Guarenteed.

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Looking for epoxy Kansas City? Kansas City's garage floor expert is Amazing Garage Floors! Our garage floors are designed for KC concrete and construction

Kansas City Barbecue - Amazing Garage Floors

Experience the Different Tastes of Kansas City Barbecue Have you tasted the Kansas City barbecue style? A society named Kansas City Barbeque Society or KCBS is even organized exclusively for people who love barbecue. Their members include barbecue enthusiasts at all levels in all United States and other countries of the world, from barbecue restaurant …

KC Union Station - Amazing Garage Floors

Kansas City Union Station and Surrouding Attractions Kansas City Union Station opened in 1914, and replaced a smaller train depot named Union Depot, which served since 1878.  Traffic to the Kansas City Union Station peaked in 1945 with the end of World War II, and served 670,000 passengers that year.  Passenger traffic quickly declined in …

KCI Airport - Amazing Garage Floors

Kansas City International Airport Kansas City International Airport was built after the great flood of 1951.  The flood destroyed the facilities at both of Kansas City’s local airlines.  With Kansas City planning to build an airport with at least 10,000 feet runways the downtown airport would not allow that length.  In May of 1953 an …

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Sports in Kansas City Kansas City has 3 major professional teams currently and has had a sports team in all 5 of the major sports at one time or another.  Kansas City no longer enjoys an NBA franchise, but did have the Kings franchise from 19782-1985, before they left for Sacramento, CA.  Kansas City also …

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History and Cities of Kansas City The Kansas City metropolitan area began in the 19th century.  Frenchmen from the St. Louis, Mo area migrated westward up the Missouri River to trap furs for the fur trade with Native Americans.  Kansas City, Missouri was founded in 1838, and at the time became the predominant city west …