Hushed lets you set up a secure, second phone line for $25 a month

It's become nearly impossible to keep your phone number private in the modern age. Hushed is offerring a solution.

A Pod world: How you'd trade your data for services over a decentralized internet

In an era of big data and AI, what are the roles of decentralized internet and data storage concepts? The tensions and contradictions of these parallel developments were unpacked at SXSW in a compelling talk, Designing For the Next 30 Years of the Web, by Justin Bingham (CTO of Janeiro Digital) and John Bruce (Co-founder...

Geoffrey Rush's victory in his defamation case could have a chilling effect on the #MeToo movement

The judgement is a personal and legal vindication for the actor, but it may have unintended side effects for the #MeToo movement and the reporting of sexual harassment allegations.

If You Want to Protect Online Privacy, You Need to Hit the Data Brokers Where It Hurts

DeleteMe does exactly what its name suggests. When you sign up, their trained internet privacy experts search for and delete your personal information from dozens of leading data broker sites. DeleteMe then sends you a detailed removal report within seven days, giving you a comprehensive rundown of exactly what information was removed as well as the databases which it was removed from. After that, they monitor and remove your information on a quarterly basis for the duration of your subscription.

10 things you won’t believe are illegal

Australia is known as an easygoing place, but there is actually a whole bunch of acts you had no idea were against the law here.

California lawmakers want to ban those little shampoo bottles you get in hotels

Those little shampoo bottles offered in hotel bathrooms, used once or twice and then usually tossed in the trash, could soon be a thing of the past in California.

When granny flats go wrong – perils for parents highlight need for law reform

Parents and children rarely put agreements about granny flats in writing and almost never consult a lawyer. But when these arrangements go wrong, the consequences can be disastrous and costly for all.

What's mine is yours until taxes do us part: High Court rules on spousal tax debt shifting

A woman succeeded in shifting $250,000 of tax debt onto her bankrupt ex-husband. A recent High Court case has found that a tax debt of one spouse can be shifted to another during a divorce property settlement, which lawyers say is unprecedented and could leave the richer spouse with the debts of their former partner. Key points:The case looks at whether the Family Court can give orders to the ATO as part of the determination of a divorce-related property dispute The Tax Commissioner appealed to

Half of new Sydney and Melbourne apartments now valued BELOW their purchase price

With prices in both cities continuing to fall and with a strong pipeline of new units still being built, settlement risks for both buyers and developers may remain elevated for several years yet.

New report shines light on who commits animal cruelty and how they are punished

The Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council's new report reveals that most cases of animal cruelty handled by the law are in fact animal neglect.