Top IoT Testing Tools that Support MQTT

Before we jump right to the internet of things (IoT) testing tools, I think it will help to do a quick overview of the two most common protocols used for

Why Testers Need Chaos Engineering

What is Chaos Engineering? If this is the first time you’re hearing about Chaos Engineering, you might be wondering what it even is. It was explained very

Ten ESSENTIAL things to see and do in Tel Aviv - IL TOUR

Table of ContentIf you’re planning on visiting Israel, a stopover in Tel Aviv is an absolute must!Catch some rays on one of Tel Aviv’s gorgeous beachesExplore the gorgeous neighborhood of Neve TzedekHaggle, haggle, and haggle some more at Carmel MarketStep back in time to Old JaffaEat out at one of Tel Aviv’s amazing restaurantsSpend some […]

7 Ideas For An Eco-friendly Wedding Celebration Digital Wedding Invitations

An eco-friendly wedding? Yes, you heard it right. For this post, we are sharing with you some really interesting ideas which are easy to incorporate to have eco-friendly celebrations for your big day. Want to know more about it, continue reading the post.

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This is the Privacy Policy of Blue Ocean Law Group. It was generated using iubenda (a globally compliant Privacy Cookie Solution).

Dr. Parul Patel, PsyD, Psychologist, Irvine, CA, 92618 | Psychology Today

Dr. Parul Patel, PsyD, Psychologist, Irvine, CA, 92618, (949) 416-0714, If you struggle with a lack of connection, bitter contempt and criticism, painful growing apart and unfulfilled expectations with your loved one... If you once had hopes, and you now have suffering in your relationship, don't wait to seek change. I offer a safe, non-judgmental environment to work on changing negative communication and healing from emotional wounds, resentment, contempt, lack of intimacy and compassion, and the impact of childhood or past trauma. I'm a licensed psychologist specializing in relationship distress, and I use evidence based therapeutic modalities in my practice.

How to Save Your Marriage or Relationship from Divorce - Couple Care

How to save your marriage or relationship or how to prevent a divorce. ? Helpful tips & Important things to consider while considering your next step.

Relationship Tips - Fundamental Relationship Needs - Couple Care

Sustenance of a healthy long term relationship depends in large part on the balance of two fundamental relationship needs humans have.

Getting through the Holidays - Couple Care

Unfortunately, rather than being a time of joy, the holiday season for some can cause excess worrying, evoke additional loneliness, raise stress levels, exacerbate negative behavior patterns, and bring up unique challenges. As the year ends, there can be feelings of regret for past decisions, memories of old hurts, or feelings of being overwhelmed. ItContinue reading

Why do people cheat in relationship ? Find out common reasons.

Cheating is an age old phenomenon & a chastised act, & yet it continues to plague many committed relationships. Read why do people cheat in relationship.

Common Fights Couples Have & How To Handle Them |

All couples have argue, and it's healthy for the relationship or marriage. Here are some of the most common fights couples have & handle with your partner.

Addressing Relationship Distress - A Rescue Plan by Couple Care

Marital distress is a different the usual ups and downs. Are you sick of the fighting? Here are some really useful tips on addressing relationship distress.

NSW Caselaw | Advanced Search

APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Refusal of adjournment application - Applicable principles - No error of law established. APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Apprehended bias - No error of law established APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Whether substantial miscarriage of justice has occurred - Leave refused

6 Daily Questions for Quality of Life with Special Guest Jared Wiese | 10 Minute Mindset

Jared Wiese (Wee-Zee) is a LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writer, and LinkedIn Local Host, and Speaker. Jared got his start with an IT programming degree. Yet he was never the type to bang out code in a cubicle. He was always asking WHY.

Making Your Profile POP with Special Guest Jared Wiese | 10 Minute Mindset

Jared Wiese is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about his company Profiles That POP, the initial changes that he made to his profile that helped him discover his proprietary system, he shares some tips for optimizing a LinkedIn profile, and where we can find his top three tactics that he uses to make his clients profiles POP!

DSTC 2019 Tickets by STeP-IN Forum, 26 Apr, 2019, undefined Event

Online event Registration & ticketing page of DSTC 2019. Buy Tickets for this undefined Event organized by STeP-IN Forum.

Is Performance and Site Reliability Testing Needed?

Hi! I’m Joe, the host of GuildConferences, and I want to let you know about the 2nd Annual PerfGuild, an online conference, and community dedicated to

RECOMMENDATIONS for #TheVALUEprofiler: PROFILES, Résumés, Coaching

I attract Jobs with Unique Value Propositions, LinkedIn MAKEOVERS & résumé REDOS: ➊Find your #UVP ➋Attract recruiters ➌Pass the résumé ATS Can I help?

Rely on the 1 Ranked Team in Customer Success

G2Crowd, Capterra, and other top third-party review sites have ranked Instapage number one in customer support.Our Customer Success Managers personalize training/on-boarding, coordinate professional services, and offers ongoing best practices.

Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing - Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER#1 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLERUSA TODAY BESTSELLER BLUE OCEAN SHIFT is the essential follow up to Blue Ocean Strategy, the classic and 3.6 million copy global bestseller by world-renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. Drawing on more than a decade of new ...

Craterpot |

For 4,000 years, the plant pot has been little more than a bucket with holes. Until our visionary team,led by inventor R J Middleton, saw what they could be – and thus unfolded a quest for a better pot, a pot that would allow drainage, yet still ingeniously retain moisture.Craterpot features a pot within a pot, a simple improvement that makes a world of difference.It recognises that the taproot...

Fitbit’s 3 Biggest Growth Opportunities @themotleyfool #stocks $FIT

Fitbit has been talking up growth opportunities for some time now, but with some key capabilities the company is putting in place, growth could be right around the corner.

Rethinking the Law Firm for The Millennial Generation

Hello white shoe law firm!  Meet the pants-around-the-knees, skateboarding, slacker Millennial Generation.  How you going to keep them down on the farm now

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

The global phenomenon that has sold 3.6 million copies, is published in a record-breaking 44 languages and is a bestseller across five continents―now updated and expanded with new contentIn this perennial bestseller, embraced by organizations and industries worldwide, globally preeminent manageme...

8 Key Points of Blue Ocean Strategy

Marketing Angels vous livre les 8 points clés de la Stratégie Océan Bleu pour créer de nouveaux espaces stratégiques. Courtesy of Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & ...

Growth Lessons From Instagram, Before It Was Instagram

Instagram was built in 8 weeks, it went viral in a matter of hours. It looks so easy it’s unnerving. Well…not so fast.

Create. Don't Compete.

What if you could create instead of compete? Learn how to think different, create new market space and make the competition irrelevant. Blue Ocean Strategy w...

Need Rapid Organisational Change? Think Garbage!

For decades in Australia, governments and organisations of all persuasions tried to convince the community of the benefits of recycling. Without much...

Escalate Your Innovation to Disruption, and SMILE at your Dentist!

Some products and services get stuck in the space of continuous improvement, while others go on to be innovative and disruptive. And some that are

Goodlife gets business ‘in shape’ with real-time analytics

Goodlife Health Clubs’ move to adopt real-time analytics and souped up business intelligence has delivered rapid transformation for the fitness firm.

Law firms to shift more into consultancy model

Law firms will need to undergo a transformation to appear more like consulting firms if they are to survive the future legal market.

3 Geeks and a Law Blog

A friend recently gave me a copy of Blue Ocean Strategy, a business management book from 2005.The concept is very compelling, create new markets rather than struggle with increased competition for existing, shrinking markets.The authors call these new markets Blue Oceans.The competitive markets are Red Oceans, for all the blood

Blue Ocean Law Group | Business Propel

Blue Ocean Law Group delivers Blue Ocean Strategy, Legal Services, Business and/or Legal Technology Solutions to help clients adapt and chart new markets to make their competition irrelevant. About Blue Ocean Strategy Blue Ocean Strategy by Professors W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne from INSEAD, France is on the top ten "Must-Read" list for Harvard Business Review, and has sold over 3.6 million copies.

6 Red Ocean Traps that You Should Steer Clear of

What keeps you trapped in red oceans as you sail towards new market space? Be sure to check your mental models that can undermine market creating strategies....

What is Pro Bono? - Australian Pro Bono Centre

The Australian Pro Bono Centre's definition of “pro bono”, which comes from the Latin phrase “pro bono publico,” meaning “for the public good”.

Radio Interview of Jared Wiese, March 12th 2018

Jared Wiese - LinkedIn Expert, Content Curator and Lead Generator Coach - is interviewed by Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert. Jared Wiese is #TheVALUEprofiler of LinkedIn. In mastering LinkedIn and providing consistent value over the years, he became a LinkedIn expert. Now, he helps job seekers and businesses uncover, distill and highlight their value in seconds. He maximizes LinkedIn to get you found out of millions with LinkedIn SEO while curating profile content. And he provides coaching on getting traction and leads on LinkedIn. Put another way, he helps build your Field of Dreams on LinkedIn... 1) He turns on the LinkedIn lights by checking over 66 settings to make sure you're visible. 2) He builds your Field of Dreams with content curation and LinkedIn SEO to get you found fast. 3) Finally, he coaches you to play the game with proper engagement to find leads. His business is... finding YOURS! Connect and learn more about and from Jared:

CaseCrunch | Home

CaseCrunch builds systems that predict legal decisions for organisations. Our AI systems are fast, affordable, and accurate.

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iubenda offers an easy way to add a beautiful and auto-updating privacy policy to your projects. Get 10% off yours with this link

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3 key components to a successful Blue Ocean Shift: Business Report

An excerpt from the best-selling new book: Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing, by authors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Introduction to Domo Video | Domo

Watch the video to learn more about Domo's Business Management Platform. Blue Ocean Law Group is a GTM (Go-To Market Partner) for Domo in Australia.

Friends don't let friends run a website/app without a privacy policy

Blue Ocean Law Group is innovative Counsel and Australian Legal Network Partner for iubenda. We use iubenda for our own Globally compliant Privacy Policy, and are an Affiliate -> Get 10% off yours with this link! Contact us if you need a legal review of your compliance with Australian Privacy laws.

Blue Ocean Law Group - Business Propel Certified Professional

Blue Ocean Law Group is a founding certified professional partner of Business Propel (an initiative of the NSW Business Chamber).

Strategy & Innovation Enabling Technology -> IdeaScale

Ideas are a dime a dozen. That's one reason why strategy and innovation enabling software is increasingly important to organisations of all sizes. Blue Ocean Strategy Australia is the Gold implementation partner for IdeaScale in Australia.

The Official Blue Ocean Strategy Australia Site

Blue Ocean Law Group works in close collaboration with its sibling company Blue Ocean Strategy Australia. Talk to us about using Blue Ocean Strategy to create new and uncontested markets for your businesses, products and services. Who is working on your Blue Ocean Strategy?

Data and Email Security | Secured2 Corporation - Secured2 Corporation

Blue Ocean Law Group use Secured2 when communicating sensitive client information. Secured² patented data security technology - your revolutionary new solution that promises unhackable data security.

James Ford, Sydney Lawyer: Book Online

James Ford is a Lawyer with Blue Ocean Law Group in Sydney, NSW 2000. See Reviews and Book Online Instantly.

Hal Gregersen | Innovating, Leading, Questioning

Hal Gregersen is an authority on creating innovation cultures in companies; co-author, “The Innovator’s DNA”; Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center.