A VPN will not save you from government surveillance | ZDNet

Privacy is a multi-faced topic, and so to protect it, you need to take more than a single precaution.

Essential Eight Explained

8 essential strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents against a range of cyber threats.

How small businesses can stay cyber safe

With the global cyber threat growing rapidly, the Federal Government is calling on small businesses to take protective measures.

Blue Ocean Law Group use NetDocs

A trusted and mature global cloud platform combining security, usability, and innovative productivity tools for today's leading law firms and corporations.

CBA and ANZ caught in fake banking apps scam

Thousands of banking customers have been caught in a fake banking app scam, prompting questions about Google Play’s app authentication process.

Send a digitally signed or encrypted message

Learn how to use digital signatures and encryption in Outlook for Mac. Both the sender and recipient must have a mail application that supports the S/MIME standard. Outlook supports that standard.

Ai may be used to impersonate a person using facial recognition data!

We set out to see if we could fake Malcolm Turnbull. Researchers are warning that a new wave of artificial intelligence technology could make it so easy to create fake videos that it will undermine the public's ability to trust what they see.

Tide.org: Decentralised Personal Data Economy.

A community driven, global, decentralised personal data economy. Privacy is more than a human right, it’s an asset.

Do you know what your phone is up to while you sleep?

When reporter Simon Elvery turned the spotlight on his spying devices, he was surprised at how busy they were — even when he was sleeping.

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

The new data retention law seriously invades our privacy – and it's time we took action

Australia’s data retention law is one of the most comprehensive and intrusive data collection schemes in the Western world, and should be challenged.

'Data is a fingerprint': why you aren't as anonymous as you think online

So-called ‘anonymous’ data can be easily used to identify everything from our medical records to purchase histories

Digital Life: The Law Playing Catch-Up

What happens to a person’s digital assets after they die or become incapacitated.

Business Legal Risk Navigation Plan

Contact us to find out more about our Business Legal Risk Navigation Plan (starting from $99 per month for a single shareholder, sole director company/sole trader, plus initial setup costs*)...

Maximising your business potential -> NSW Business Chamber

Your market can be anywhere and everywhere. The Chamber has extensive international networks and works closely with our foreign counterparts, governments and Australian exporters globally.

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel's speech: THE AI WILL SEE YOU NOW

Would you trust doctors using data from artificial intelligence to make life or death health decisions for your child? Dr Finkel gave the 2018 Smallwood Oration on Thursday 16 August, discussing the role of artificial intelligence in medicine. The full speech is below, or you can download it as a pdf....

Moral Machine

A platform for public participation in and discussion of the human perspective on machine-made moral decisions

AI Contract Analysis | ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver offers automated contract review, risk assessment and insight extraction capabilities using advanced AI and NLP technology.

IntelligentX Brewing Co.

Is there no limit to the potential of A.I.? Coming to the UK -> beer that changes its recipe to your tastes using A.I.

Moon Treaty

Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies


There is nothing so powerful in business as actually having principles that you hold on to passionately and require those around you to believe. One way or another, all my research conclusions, consulting advice and speeches in my professional career as a global consultant, business author, and former Harvard Business School professor come down to passion, people and principles.

10 Common Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Not a grammar geek? Doesn't matter. Using words incorrectly can make you look bad. Here's some help.

Australian Lawyers Directory - All Lawyers, Solicitors firms, Barristers and Bar Chambers in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Australian Lawyers Directory - the most comprehensive, reliable guide to Australia's Solicitors firms, Barristers and Bar Chambers for clients and lawyers.

Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution - court procedures and requirements

This fact sheet is for people who need information on the procedures and requirements for Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution in family law proceedings. Changes have been made to the family law system to encourage parents to develop cooperative parenting solutions without going to court.

Before you file - pre-action procedure for parenting cases (prescribed brochure) - Family Court of Australia

This brochure provides information for people considering applying to a court for parenting orders. It provides information about the pre-action procedures required before starting a case.

Before you file - pre-action procedure for financial cases (prescribed brochure) - Family Court of Australia

This brochure provides information for people considering applying to the Family Court for financial orders. In particular, it provides information about pre-action procedures required before starting a case.


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Family law kit (published by the Australian Federal Police)

Police and Family Law If you are concerned for the safety or welfare of a child, contact your State or Territory child welfare service, or your local police. If you have immediate concerns that a child is in danger or at risk of abduction, contact the police in your State or Territory on Triple Zero (000).

Child Support Estimator

You should not rely on an estimate as a guarantee for future income or payment.

Family Dispute Resolution Process — Relationships Australia

Family Dispute Resolution is a process by which people who are in conflict can be supported to communicate with each other about what is important for them and how to make decisions relevant to resolving their dispute.

The Future of Blockchain (Blockchain Series, Part 4 of 4)

What is the future of blockchain for legal services? What important prospective uses for blockchain in legal are still in their infancy?

Real World Blockchain Solutions: (Blockchain Series, Part 2 of 4)

What are the real-world solutions that leverage blockchain today? Hear from colleagues who have actually designed and implemented projects using blockchain and are moving forward with the broad-based use of blockchain in their organizations.

How To Build Your First Blockchain App (Blockchain Series, Part 3 of 4)

You're excited about blockchain as a platform -- now how do you get started back at the office? How do you even know which blockchain technology is best for your idea?

Blockchain 101

It's the big buzzword now, but what are the basics that you need to understand to evaluate blockchain as a technology platform for you and your firm or department?

Decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems

Disintermediating human trade - business - is the first step towards a more fair world We take most power for granted. After all, humans enforce most of their social contracts by giving away some freedom. We usually think about intermediaries in a microscopic scale. We think about the guy who delivered us a package.

Follow the Money: 4 Lessons in Blockchain Lawsuits - ACCDocket.com

As the popularity of blockchain increases, so does the likelihood that it will be involved in a lawsuit. Some key findings include: Parties are using public blockchain information to support allegations. Parties can attempt to attribute knowledge of public blockchain information to others. Use of cryptocurrency creates business risk.

Should Smart Contracts Be Legally-Enforceable? – Blockchain at Berkeley

Smart contracts are fantastic…when they work. But contract law is all about what happens when things don’t work.

Accord Project IEEE Partner For Smart Contract Global Standards | Artificial Lawyer

The IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organisation, and smart contract and blockchain consortium the Accord Project, today announced an agreement to develop ‘techno-legal standards’ that will ...

iOlite Bringing Blockchain to the Broader Public with New Project

iOlite Foundation's goal is to develop a new generation of blockchain by harnessing knowledge and information that is re-usable

Home-where lawyers learn blockchain

Blockchain for Lawyers - where lawyers learn blockchain. Discover how this transformative technology will impact the world economy and the practice of law.

Kodak soars on crypto-currency plans

The photo firm Kodak is to create its own crypto-currency and provide a Bitcoin-mining service.

18-122MR ASIC takes action on misleading or deceptive conduct in ICOs

ASIC is focused on misleading or deceptive conduct in the marketing and selling of digital or virtual tokens via initial coin offerings (ICOs). These offers can involve significant risks for investors that are often not disclosed or well understood.   How the law can apply  Misleading or deceptive conduct is prohibited under the Australian Consumer Law and the ASIC Act.

Blockchain and Real Estate Law: not so black letter anymore

When you begin to imagine blockchain technology combining with real estate, long settled law begins to experience tremors.


Empowering the global legal community to set the standards for the new era of legal practice built on the Blockchain. Blue Ocean Law Group is a member of LegalBlock.

In-depth on differences between public, private and permissioned blockchains

If you are looking into an application of blockchain or distributed ledger technology for business and enterprise blockchain solutions…

Customer Thermometer

Blue Ocean Law Group understand that a pain point can be the way that a company seeks feedback from its clients/customers. Who has time to complete a 5-minute survey that invariably takes much longer than advertised! We use Customer Thermometer as a one-click instant feedback mechanism - checking the temperature (how are we doing?)... it literally takes a few seconds, and provides our Clients with the ability to quickly and painlessly flag problems (if any) for resolution, or to give a quick Gold Alert to tell us all is well. Try it 0N:0W by clicking on the thermometer (that is, this link) now to give us a Gold Alert! Of course, our instant feedback system allows for Danger, Caution, Keep it Up Alerts as well...

Jur: Decentralized Dispute Resolution

A bridge between blockchain and the real economy. Developed to revolutionise the way contractual disputes are resolved.

Linked Helper - LinkedIn automation tool

Allows you to automate your work with LinkedIn. Get thousands new leads, broadcast personal messages, improve your profile, export profiles to CSV

Agency Training Guide

Lessons learned from losing 35% of our monthly revenue and how we went on to close 189 clients in just 2 years Section 1: Choosing Your Niche and Services 2. Choose a Profession and Go Deep 3. Productizing Your Service Section 2: Generating Leads Message Existing and Former Clients Message Other Relationships 2.

Almost 1 million Australians have opted out of My Health Record (if you want to join them you now have until 15 November 2018)

The medical database system has been plagued by concerns about patient privacy, the system's security design and access by third parties, a Senate inquiry was told.

Five reasons why

Reason#3 -> Episerver has personalization features that no one else has.

Everything You Need to Build the Best Customer Experience

Bitly ebooks give you new ideas and best practices for marketing strategies including social media marketing, brand management, tracking, analysis and insights.

Why achieving your brand takes unheroic work - SmartCompany

Brands are achieved not created. They take time and are the compilation of thousands of unsung actions and decisions made daily within organisations.