A VPN will not save you from government surveillance | ZDNet

Privacy is a multi-faced topic, and so to protect it, you need to take more than a single precaution.

How small businesses can stay cyber safe

With the global cyber threat growing rapidly, the Federal Government is calling on small businesses to take protective measures.

Essential Eight Explained

8 essential strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents against a range of cyber threats.

Blue Ocean Law Group use NetDocs

A trusted and mature global cloud platform combining security, usability, and innovative productivity tools for today's leading law firms and corporations.

CBA and ANZ caught in fake banking apps scam

Thousands of banking customers have been caught in a fake banking app scam, prompting questions about Google Play’s app authentication process.

Send a digitally signed or encrypted message

Learn how to use digital signatures and encryption in Outlook for Mac. Both the sender and recipient must have a mail application that supports the S/MIME standard. Outlook supports that standard.

Ai may be used to impersonate a person using facial recognition data!

We set out to see if we could fake Malcolm Turnbull. Researchers are warning that a new wave of artificial intelligence technology could make it so easy to create fake videos that it will undermine the public's ability to trust what they see.

Do you know what your phone is up to while you sleep?

When reporter Simon Elvery turned the spotlight on his spying devices, he was surprised at how busy they were — even when he was sleeping.

Tide.org: Decentralised Personal Data Economy.

A community driven, global, decentralised personal data economy. Privacy is more than a human right, it’s an asset.

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

blue ocean strategy book -> Google Search

In their classic book, Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne coined the terms 'red ocean' 'blue ocean'....


The journey to unlock your potential, be a maven and claim your innovation power starts here. Get ready to raise your IQ2.0 [Innovation Intelligence] and be bold, curious and disruptive. Permission to link to her website kindly granted by the author -> Anna Lozynski.

Kelly v Slade [2017] QDC 288 (15/1634) Porter QC DCJ 7 December 2017

Catchwords MONEY – PAYMENT – OTHER MATTERS – where the plaintiffs transferred their respective interests in the farm to the defendants as joint tenants – where the terms upon which that transfer occurred were in dispute – whether the defendants agreed to pay $250,000 for the first plaintiff’s share. EVIDENCE – ADMISSIBILITY – ADMISSIONS – WHAT CONSTITUTES – where there is evidence of subsequent conduct – whether that subsequent conduct is properly dealt with as an admission of the terms of the informal agreement alleged by the plaintiffs – whether that subsequent conduct is properly dealt with as an inference that the parties made an informal agreement on particular terms.

Qld Court of Appeal: Kelly & Anor v Slade & Anor [2018] QCA 197 (18/191) Sofronoff P and Morrison JA and Atkinson J [Blue Ocean Law instructed Andrew Skoien of Counsel, second chair Harry Knowlman of Counsel for the Appellants]

Catchwords APPEAL AND NEW TRIAL – APPEAL – GENERAL PRINCIPLES – INTERFERENCE WITH JUDGE’S FINDINGS OF FACT – FUNCTION OF APPELLATE COURT – WHERE FINDINGS BASED ON CREDIBILITY OF WITNESSES – NECESSITY FOR FINDING TO BE CLEARLY WRONG – where the appellants commenced proceedings to recover money which they said was agreed to be paid by the respondents in consideration of the transfer of the appellants’ interests in certain farmland – where in the course of discussions regarding the transfer, two documents were drawn up in lieu of a properly executed contract – where the learned primary judge made findings about the credibility of the witnesses but did so with reference to only part of the evidence – where the learned primary judge failed to take into account the two contemporary documents when testing the veracity of the witnesses – where this failure resulted in the learned primary judge making erroneous findings not supported by the evidence – whether a retrial should be ordered.

Legal podcasts you have to tune in to right now

The rise of the internet has hailed in a new dawn for aural story-telling. Here’s our top pick of podcasts legal eagles should be listening out for.

Beyond Billables by Beyond Billables on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Beyond Billables by Beyond Billables for free.

The Lawyers Weekly Show by Lawyers Weekly on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Lawyers Weekly Show by Lawyers Weekly for free.

The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast by Clarissa J Rayward on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast by Clarissa J Rayward for free.

Tips for Lawyers Podcast by Chris Hargreaves: Lawyer (attorney), Blogger, Partial Nerd on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Tips for Lawyers Podcast by Chris Hargreaves: Lawyer (attorney), Blogger, Partial Nerd for free.

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel's speech: THE AI WILL SEE YOU NOW

Would you trust doctors using data from artificial intelligence to make life or death health decisions for your child? Dr Finkel gave the 2018 Smallwood Oration on Thursday 16 August, discussing the role of artificial intelligence in medicine. The full speech is below, or you can download it as a pdf....

The Future of AI - A blog by Toby Walsh

Walsh estimates that machines have a 50 per cent chance of being as smart as us by 2062. By 2112, the odds are 90 per cent.

Moral Machine

A platform for public participation in and discussion of the human perspective on machine-made moral decisions

AI Contract Analysis | ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver offers automated contract review, risk assessment and insight extraction capabilities using advanced AI and NLP technology.

IntelligentX Brewing Co.

Is there no limit to the potential of A.I.? Coming to the UK -> beer that changes its recipe to your tastes using A.I.

SSL Checker - SSL Certificate Verify

Use this SSL Checker to troubleshoot common SSL Certificate installation problems on your server including verifying that the correct certificate is installed, valid, and properly trusted.

Business Propel - Move your business forward

Business Propel is the next evolution in business assessment tools. Offering an end to end view, this tool will shape your business for success. Leaving no s...

Tap Wearable Keyboard

Tap today announced the launch of a new TapAcademy app for iOS that's designed to make learning to use its wearable keyboard easy!

treescribe demo (beta upgrade of CodePact - new user interface)

Blue Ocean Law Group is a treescribe beta user -> using it to create quality SuperFast Legal Contracts across Australia / England Wales / USA. Even more user-friendly.

NSW Retail Tenant's Guide

This Guide will help tenants understand the key aspects of leasing a retail shop.

Augusta - Funding for Litigation

They say they are the most competitive funding solution in the market.

The new data retention law seriously invades our privacy – and it's time we took action

Australia’s data retention law is one of the most comprehensive and intrusive data collection schemes in the Western world, and should be challenged.

'Data is a fingerprint': why you aren't as anonymous as you think online

So-called ‘anonymous’ data can be easily used to identify everything from our medical records to purchase histories

Digital Life: The Law Playing Catch-Up

What happens to a person’s digital assets after they die or become incapacitated.

Caxton Legal Centre Inc. (Qld)

Caxton Legal Centre offers legal information in printed form and face to face through our community legal education work

Qld Court judges - judicial profiles

This database contains biographical profiles of current and former members of the Queensland judiciary, and is updated at the request of individual Judges and Magistrates. Search the complete list of all current members of the judiciary below.

Humanitarian - Salvos Legal

Free legal service If you require free legal advice, assistance or representation, speak to a lawyer at one of our Advice Bureaus located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria....

eClosure Money - eClosure

Find lost or forgotten deposits and shares of a deceased relative. Apply for eClosure Money.

LawRight - Access | Justice

LawRight (formerly QPILCH) is a non-profit, community-based legal service that coordinates the provision of pro bono legal services for individuals and community organisations.

Australia's #1 Legal Questions Forum | LawAnswers.com.au

Australian Legal Questions Forum. Ask a legal question today and receive answers to better understand popular legal issues.

Get help - Justice Connect (Australia-wide)

Answer a few questions to find the right Justice Connect service for you, and apply online.

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW homepage. Legal Aid NSW provides free legal advice and representation to people across NSW.

Queensland Legal Aid | Helping Queenslanders with their legal problems

Legal Aid Queensland gives legal help to financially disadvantaged Queenslanders about criminal, family and civil law matters.

Welcome | Redfern Legal Centre

Since 1977, Redfern Legal Centre has been working to provide quality legal services to help people that experience disadvantage in the community.

Blockchain-based legal aid to promote access to justice

An Australian legal tech provider will launch a blockchain-enabled legal charity which it says will allow social justice initiatives to be crowdfunded by way of tax-deductible donations.

The Pro Bono Scheme | Law Society

The Law Society's Pro Bono Scheme can put you in contact with law firms willing to provide their legal services for free or for reduced fees.

The stupid EU cookie law (and why it should die)

http://nocookielaw.com/ Sign the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-eu-s-legal-war-on-web-cookies A new European Law makes over 90% of websit...

Australian Law Reform Commission

The Federal Australian law reform body that has instrumental in recommending reforms to law since 1975.