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I was surprised by the intuitiveness of the platform as well as the limitless possibilities. I could not believe how quickly I was able to build out the first phase of our statewide intake app after consulting's user guide and one brief conference call.

Estate Planning Client Intake

This app can be used by lawyers to gather pertinent facts and documents from their estate planning clients.

Power of Attorney Doc Automation (Demo) | Thomas F. Officer

Populate a Word template from an online form and a Google Sheet | Federal / National | Other - Demo

Form a Delaware Company |

A demonstration of how can be used to generate corporate filings. | Delaware | Business and Intellectual Property - Business

Better Law Citizenship Eligibility Intake | bjackson

Determine if the user is eligible to apply for citizenship | Federal / National | Immigration - Immigration status, work permits, travel papers

Create a Claim of Exemption (v3) | Judicial Council of California

A guided interview that will create claims of exemption forms for wage garnishment and bank levies in California | California | Money, Debt, and Consumer Issues - Bankruptcy