Mimar's French Garden 2020

A delightful French Garden for a touch of beauty each month with its quiet and serene beauty.

Sleeping Babies Calendar 2020

Peaceful sleeping babies. Nothing better than to look at your sleeping baby calendar and think 'aww so cute'.

Flamingos Calendar 2020

Who could resist the elegance that this flamingo calendar would give any room?

Silhouette Sunsets Calendar 2020

Beautiful pictures sunsets with silhouettes of the natural world to immerse yourself in at the end of a long day.

Awesome Owls Calendar 2020

Owls are awesome, aren't they? So it's great to have a calendar full of them. :)

Kitticorn Calendar 2020

Adorable cats with horns, however, you want to call them - cat unicorns, caticorns or kitticorns. My 6-year-old daughter likes to call them kitticorns

Groovy Owls Calendar 2020

Groovy owls are everywhere. And here are 12 especially for you on this Groovy Owl Calendar.

Guinea Pigs Calendar 2020

A cute guinea pig pet calendar for 2020, with lovely guinea pig images that would melt any guinea pigs owners’ hearts as they truly know the answer to are guinea pigs good pets.

Dragonflies Up Close Calendar 2020

Looking into the eye of the dragonfly species has never so personal! Enjoy this up close dalliance with these amazing colorful dragonflies up close. Lots of amazing dragonflies photography of the dragonflies face.

Sleeping Monkeys Calendar 2020

There is something about looking at sleeping creatures that is so peaceful and these sleeping monkeys pictures are no exception. These cute monkey pictures will have you looking at them time and time again, as each picture has an adorable sleeping monkey face.

Colorful Dragonfly Calendar 2020

Bright colorful dragonflies photography to cheer up your room every month of the year. Beautiful and vivid dragonfly colors and pictures, just like you were seeing dragonflies in the garden.

Koalas Calendar 2020

Who can resist a cuddly koala marsupial? And here is a calendar full of cute koala pictures! Every picture makes you want to give a koala a hug.

Seahorse Calendar 2020

Seahorses have a mystical air about them as they sail along in the sea with grace and beauty. This calendar shows you what does a seahorse look like by having pictures of different seahorse types. Such an elegant seahorse fish.

Dragonflies on Flowers Calendar 2020

A combination of beautiful flowers and eye-catching dragonfly pictures makes this calendar like a dragonflies garden. Beautiful dragonflies flying and colourful dragonflies adorning your wall.

Red Butt Monkeys Calendar 2020

We all love humorous calendars and red butt monkeys is just that little bit cheeky. It is focused mainly on the baboon monkey species, but rather than the monkey face, this calendar focuses on the other end.

Slothicorn Calendar 2020

A calendar full of awesome sloth unicorns. One look at each month's cute sloth cartoon and you are cheered right up. How could anyone not love a slothicorn?

Mournful Monkeys Calendar 2020

Mournful Monkeys is a 2020 calendar to bring awareness to the fact that zoos are not nice places for monkeys (or any other creature for that matter)

Llamas @ Machu Picchu Calendar 2020

Machu Picchu Llamas: Wild, but cute Llamas at Machu Picchu. With the variety of llamas images and the backdrop of Machu Picchu

Rainbows & Waterfalls Calendar 2020

Waterfall rainbows - this delightful 2020 calendar will have you in awe each month as you sink into the beautiful scenes and bask in the beauty of each waterfall rainbow loom. I think you will come to agree that a Waterfall with rainbow is perhaps one of the most beautiful scenes nature can offer.

Quokka Calendar 2020

Somewhere a quokka on Rottnest Island in Australia is smiling. And I've sourced a few quokka smiling pictures for you here in this calendar full of quokka cuteness, including a quokka baby or two.

Lightning Calendar 2020

A dramatic lightning strike awaits you each month in this 2020 calendar highlighting the lightning god's expression of lightning and thunder. Each scene has been carefully chosen to give you the best lightning pictures and lightning storms.

Porcupine Calendar 2020

The porcupine of North America an adorable animal. This calendar full of beautiful porcupine pictures and porcupine faces is bound to make you fall in love with this quilly creature.

Sloth Calendar 2020

There is something instantly lovable about sloths. So I gathered these sloth pictures for you, so you can fall in love with their sloth face each month - from a sloth 3 toed to a sloth smiling, it's all here. :) They just make you want to hug them, though probably not a good idea with their long sharp sloth claws!

Birds of Prey 2020

Enjoy the majestic pictures of these birds of prey each month in 2020.

Baby Feet Calendar 2020

Adorable baby calendar focussing on baby's cute little feet. It's definitely a heart melter. I defy anyone not to be able to go 'aww' at least one of the photos.

Turtles Calendar 2020

Totally cool turtle pictures of different turtle types. Each month shows the awesomeness of cute turtles. We have turtles swimming pictures, turtles head images. A calendar for those who want to love turtles forever.

Tapir Calendar 2020

The weird and wonderful Tapir who deserves a 2020 calendar all to itself, with adult tapir pictures and images of tapir babies too. We have an amazing world out there, full of beautiful creatures and the animal tapir is just one that everyone should know about.