Make Sure to Follow These Five DevOps Practices

For many companies, DevOps culture has completely changed the way they think about development. Though the DevOps movement is relatively recent, it has been embraced by a wide spectrum of enterpris…

Fragmented test automation landscape slows adoption of continuous testing - DevOps Online

New report reveals that Quality Assurance and Testing is a bottleneck to implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery for many organisations

Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Agile World

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) systems with the agile world is having a disruptive effect on how we build software and the types of products that we build, said Aidan Casey. By combining machine learning and deep learning we can build applications that truly learn like humans. AI bias is a very serious concern, as AI systems are only as good as the data sets used to train them.

Culture & Methods – the State of Practice in 2019

The latest Culture and Methods Topic Graph shows the topics that the editorial team feels are gaining traction and should be explored at the beginning of 2019.

Manual testing in DevOps & QA - Software Testing News

Manual testing in DevOps & QA. With the sheer volume of tools available, it’s safe to say we are living in a golden age of software.