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The Art of Influencing Your Jobseekers

They Need to like You It doesn't matter whether you're case managing a jobseeker or leading staff, If these people don't like you, then they won't respect you. If they won't respect you, then it may be difficult for them to listen to anything you have to say.

5 Tips to Make Reverse Marketing Easy

Reverse marketing is often looked upon as a dreaded chore. Especially when it comes to picking up the telephone and contacting some unknown stranger. At times, this can be just as terrifying if not more than public speaking. 'What if they hang up?' or, 'what if they are rude?'

Shut up and ask Good Questions - Key to Influencing more Employers

Blame it on human behaviour or psychology, but there are some universal truths in sales and influence that will never change. 1. People are more likely to buy or become influenced when they are talking, than when you're talking. 2. People buy or buy things or into an idea when it's their idea.

9 Ways to Help your Jobseekers Become More Resilient

Resilience is about our ability to pick ourselves up time and time again after hardship and tragedy. It's about persevering no matter how much rejection, pain and misfortune we may face. We all face setbacks in life. It is normal and healthy to feel hurt, anger, sadness and pain when the unexpected happens.

The Reason Why All Employment Practitioners Should Learn Sales

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Coach Your Jobseeker Through These 37 Powerful Questions

Hopefully some of these questions have been able to give your jobseekers some more direction and motivation in what they want to achieve, as well as a clearer map of how to get there. Thinking deeper than just job goals, will help them move closer to employment as they elicit values and motivation that go beyond the surface.

5 Effective Tips on How to Manage your Caseload

You need to know your caseload inside and out. Know who is on that list, what job they are looking for, why they would want to be employed, and how you are going to help them. Besides relying on your own internal I.T software it's a must to create an excel spreadsheet with name, age, contact details, job preference, skills, barriers, resume status etc.

How One Good Story Can Help Your Jobseeker Into Work

Story 1: An example of a story we can tell to an employer who is hesitant to take on someone with a disability. Many employers who at first had this notion like yourself that people with disabilities have limitations, were shocked to discover that one of the best hiring decisions they have ever made was employing a person with a disability.

How Delaying Gratification Can Help you With your Employer Engagement

Some ways to learn the art of delayed gratification Put things into perspective Remember you reap what you sow. Effective selling is about farming rather than hunting. Create daily habits and connections that will bring long-term rewards. Don't chase instant gratification.

6 Tips on Dealing With Rejection When Reverse Marketing

Reverse Marketing & Sales Get more jobseekers into work by learning effective reverse marketing skills.

David's Fear of the Phone

David had just started his first day as an Employment Consultant with a reputable Disability Employment Services (DES) provider. He was super excited because he loved helping people. He finally had a job that gave him purpose. On his first day on the job, his manager Reema handed him a list of a hundred businesses to call.

5 Truths You Have to Accept When Reverse Marketing

Yes, you will bother people, but in 5 minutes they won't remember who you are. Their life does go on without you. They won't even remember that you bothered them at 10:23 am 26th of June 2018.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Help More People into Work

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize your own emotions, at the same time be able to know how to react to certain events and understand your own triggers and the triggers of others. It is said that the most successful people at work and at home have higher EI than higher IQ.

Is your jobseeker aggressive on Facebook?

Mike was really confused. He had just interviewed two brilliant candidates for the role of customer service assistant. The two jobseekers were sent to him by two different reputable employment service providers. He wanted to offer the job to both. After all, Jodie and Mary had similar experience and qualifications.

Periscope Livestream marketing free resources

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