How did Shirou become Archer?!

well, im just says at archer's stat that archer's spirit is emiya...and i saw it too in another did archer became emiya shirou?? could someone please explain everything to me....because to start off, shirou is not really a hero....and i didnt saw it in the series!! please explain everything to me....arigatou gozaimasu!!

Are Shirou and Saber still together?

I know there's already enough topics for this show, but I wanted to get a clear answer here. Just want to know if Shirou and Saber end up together like in Fate Stay Night.

Emiya X Who?

I believe that romance can make an anime better, and I think there should of been a lot of romance between Emiya X Tohsaka. Who do you think he should of had a 'thing' with?

Just Who Are the Servants of Fate/Stay Night?

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks is an intense anime filled with action, moral conflict, and exciting characters. It may be a fantastical show, but the Servants a.k.a. Heroic Spirits are actually based on our own history and mythology!

Fate/Zero Assassin vs True Assassin

Pretty much this. I m a huge fan of HF route, and recently started reading FateZero, after seeing the first movie, I just cant shake this out of my mind. You can confirm it yourself, not only both Assassins above look the same, but they also have the same true name. Any hardcore fan able to explain this to me?


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