Why is Voice Search so important in 2018 | Voice SEO | SEO Agency UK

Why is Voice Search so important in 2018 - because everyone is going to use it! Get found by voice recognition software in IoS and Android in Google & Bing.

Benefits of using Google My Business | Digital Marketing Agency UK

Benefits of using Google My Business - find out why its good to use GMB listings. For more help with your promotion online of your business, call us,

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Retriever Digital are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Sussex. We offer our services for a real return on investment on your Digital Marketing campaign.

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Retriever Digital is a full digital marketing company based in Worthing, West Sussex with a client list that spreads throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our personal service. Each campaign has its own account manager, who are in regular contact with our clients and really understand how their businesses work.

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Effectiveness: A managed inbound marketing strategy is 10 times more effective at conversion than traditional outbound methods. (via Gartner) Reduced Costs: An inbound lead, on average, costs 61% less than an outbound lead. (via HubSpot) Lead Volume: Inbound marketing campaigns produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing campaigns.

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Results Driven Campaigns Tailored To Your Company. In order to start a comprehensive search engine optimisation campaign, we need to understand your business, how it works, its ethics, its target audience, its competitors, its goals and aspirations. With this information we design a bespoke campaign to make the most of every online opportunity to promote your business.

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At Retriever we understand the power of digital adverts and paid promotions. Working with strategic partners we fully optimise campaigns, target new business, manage landing pages and monitor all visitors and their journey through your site from the first click to their final exit.

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We care about your online reputation management. All businesses to a certain degree, rely on Google search and their rankings on Google search results. Your online reputation has a direct impact on your success AND your business' success.

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Facebook Advertising is a powerful marketing medium. It is the most used social media platform in the Western World. Where 1 in 3 of your target audiences use on a daily basis. Facebook has changed its algorithms and continues to do so to limit the reach of your posts to increase the use of paid advertising.

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If you are currently the proud owner of a Facebook page, you must have noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult for your followers to actually see your posts. Perhaps while you are working hard to create a fun and informative Facebook presence, you may be struggling to entice people to 'Like' your page.

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Remarketing Ads Research has shown that for e-commerce sites, 2 - 5% of visitors will only make a purchase on their first visit to the e-commerce website or online store. Getting visitors to any website is the most difficult and expensive method, keeping these visitors is worthwhile investing in.

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For an affordable amount each month we will as a minimum: Carry out detailed keyword research Carry out detailed competitor analysis Fully optimise your website and optimise any further pages subsequently added Write 1 blog per month Add to all local directories and listings Post regularly in social media - Facebook, Twitter, Google .

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Content marketing refers to the creation of informative, original, insightful, shareable content. This content is written and added to your website or social accounts with the end result of driving visitors to your site, increasing your online profile and ultimately driving sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation | Digital Marketing Agency

A professional, comprehensive digital marketing campaign is not just about driving visitors to your site, it's about driving the right visitors to your site. It's not about getting your site onto page 1 of Google search results against all costs, it's about ensuring that the right people have been made aware of your online presence.

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Analytics...such a small word which covers such a huge area. Over the past five years, digital marketing has become more and more about making tweaks, or indeed large scale changes to your digital marketing plan, in order to increase conversions.

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Everyone uses voice recognition software to search Google to find information from their mobile device. Are you? Is your website setup to be found in Google by voice recognition software? Setup your website and SEO for being found in Google by your potential customers using voice search.

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You, like many businesses, may have invested a considerable amount of time and money on a website and then waited with baited breath for the orders to start rolling in. Sadly, for the majority of us it just isn't that easy. The website build is just the beginning.

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Email marketing is continuing to increase in popularity. Email Marketing can be in a number of forms. A popular choice is an informative newsletter about your latest company updates. Other choices can be a selection of new products, your most popular blogs over the last month, an exciting sales promotion, or all of the above.