Kayaking helps to improve health and rediscover your inner self

How kayaking helps to improve health and rediscover your inner self The kayak was first invented by Aleut tribes of Arctic North America and the Inuit. In Europe, the kayak made its way in the 18th century and became very popular in sports, adventure and fishing. What is kayak and what are its uses? Kayak is a mode of transport that is used by the fisherman or rafters for recreational purpose, fishing, sports, family outing, etc. For many, kayak fishing became the main source of income, and it became an intrinsic part of their life to meet their family's need. Well, there are traditional wooden boats available for fishing but, in this modern era, the kayak has become a paramount influence on fishing in the water. Interestingly, the kayak is not only limited to slow-moving rivers or lakes; but many advanced kayaks are now capable of stealing the stage in an ocean and fight the current with ease. Moreover, various kayaking competitions are organized around the world that consists

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Flare Wellness is an Organic Beauty Salon on the 5th floor of Bugis Cube, a quaint and serene looking shopping mall, across the road of Bugis Junction. In Flare Wellness, the therapists makes it a point to understand their customers personally, in order to ensure that each experience fulfils your exact need.