Tips for Handling Letters Rogatory

They may sound simple, but, in practice, they require careful attention to detail and can be time-consuming and costly.

Law a la Carte: The Case for Unbundling Legal Services

During the past ten years, many industries have begun unbundling their services. Airlines, wireless providers, newspapers, the music industry, and personal and financial services have all found ways to unbundle services and rebundle them to create new or improved markets.

Make Referral Marketing Work for You | Law Practice Division

"Referral marketing is a structured and systematic process to maximize word-of-mouth potential," according to Wikipedia. "Referral marketing does this by encouraging, informing, promoting and rewarding customers and contacts to think and talk as much as possible about their supplier, their company, product and service, and the value and benefit the supplier brings to them and people they know.

Collection of Attorney Fees as a Practice Area

I treat attorney fee collections the same as any other type of collection. The first step is a review of the contract (or whatever the attorney may have titled it), invoices, correspondence, etc. Generally, I do not recommend suing on an oral attorney fee agreement as the chances of prevailing do not warrant the risk involved.

Popular Cloud Computing Services for Lawyers: Practice Management Online | Law Practice Division

Some firms limit their use of cloud technology to online research, but there’s a full slate of services online—from timekeeping and billing, to secure client portals. Check out this list of favorite applications to improve your practice’s productivity.

The Google-Powered Law Office

Google powers a large chunk of the cloud and it goes far beyond a simple search box. The Google Apps platform offers a fully-integrated, cloud-based suite of e-mail, calendar, video conferencing, word processing, and Website tools. Theoretically, a law firm could base its entire practice on Google Apps and leave everything else in the dust.

Client reviews: Your thumbs down may come back around

You are an associate in a mid-sized firm and are on the partnership track. Recently, you represented a client in a child custody matter who was not truthful with you when discussing the facts of the case. As a result, he came away with a less than optimal outcome.