Why Venture-Backed Companies Struggle with Content Marketing - Animalz

Slack typifies the fast-growing startup that gets initial growth from a great product and word of mouth. Not many companies grow as quickly as Slack did, but they all run into the same problem: increasing CAC. This is when many turn to content-and realize that it could be several years before it starts driving CAC down.

Copycat Content: SEO Tools Got Us Here, Humans Will Get Us Out - Animalz

There’s a copycat crisis in content marketing. Explore the search results for virtually any lucrative keyword, and you’ll find a bunch of articles with lookalike titles, headers and examples. Increasingly, “SEO content” has become a synonym for meandering “ultimate guides” and formulaic “7 ways” listicles. Similarities between blog posts chasing the same keywords are unavoidable—there’s... Read more »