An Open Letter to a First-time Home Owner

Dear You, My name is Robert, and I once lost my home. Some still call me a walking cautionary tale, a living example of what not to do when times are good. If you're here looking for a "how-to" guide on buying your first home, I'm basically the least ideal person to ask.

Financial Planning For Couples: Young Singaporeans Share Important Financial Lessons They Learned After Getting Married

If you've always felt that managing your own finances was challenging, then you may be in for a rude surprise after getting married. Making financial decisions with your significant other is exponentially trickier. Whether it's splitting household bills or giving allowances to the parents, financial decisions, when not managed and discussed properly, have the potential to create friction for couples.

Financial Planning Is Tough For The Self-Employed. Here's What I Did After Becoming An Entrepreneur

This article was written in collaboration with the CPF Board. All views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of As someone who has been advocating active and prudent personal finance management, the irony of not having financial security that comes with a safe, corporate job was not lost on me when I decided to work full-time on DollarsAndSense in 2015.

6 Myths You Probably Believe About the CPF

​We explain the common CPF myths that you've probably heard (or believe). Love it or hate it, CPF is part of being Singaporean. Some of us don't like the forced savings, while others feel it's a great idea. But amid the constant arguments, some common myths have emerged.