The back-to-work rules: Toilets must be watched and two masks for every employee

These are the specific, now formal rules that companies are required to follow in order to open their workplaces again.

Help for taxpayers: Tax breaks, relaxed rules for companies, some individuals amid crisis

Treasury has announced new emergency measures to boost companies' cash-flow and prevent job losses due to the coronavirus crisis.

All the financial help available to South Africans during the corona crisis

Government, banks, and insurers all have interventions to help cushion the economic blow generally, and help people and businesses losing income to Covid-19.

Does hand sanitiser work? Yes, but it's important to understand its limitations

Don't toss your bottle of hand sanitiser just because it doesn't kill 100% of germs. Here's how sanitiser compares to soap and when best to use it.

This one new trick will improve your chances of landing a job via LinkedIn

Searching for a new job looks very different in this era. Instead of hand-delivered CVs, an always-on LinkedIn profile now notifies recruiters when you’re open to new opportunities.

You can now go to jail for faking a degree on your CV – or claiming a qualification you don't have on LinkedIn or Twitter

An update to South Africa's National Qualifications Framework has introduced criminal offences for the first time, and a false claim of a tertiary education can now be a very big deal – whether or not it gets you a job.