Boise Foothills... Hiking, running, biking, and Richard the coffee mule

If you ask people in Boise what they love about their city, the foothills are always in the mix somewhere. Travel less than a mile from the Capitol, in the heart of downtown, and you'll find the closest trailhead at the Military Reserve. Traffic is always light in Boise.

Affordable, accessible, year-round fun at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

The snow is dumping at Bogus Basin this month, and it's all anyone can talk about. Boise Metro is a 75-year-old school ski town without the fur collars and valet parking, although the coffee houses compare with any Portland'ish experience.

Revitalizing the Boise Basque Scene: A tapas joint with a difference

Boise is well known for its Basque culture; with an estimated 16,000 Basques living here, its food, music and festivals have become ingrained in the Boise lifestyle. One of its most famous Basques is Dan Ansotegui, who has played a central role in many of the essential parts of Boise Basque culture, most notably food and music.