Infographic - 20 Reasons Why Vegetarian Diets Are Good For The Environment - CaterQuip

To complement our article about the 10 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world, which we published a few months ago, we wanted to create an infographic that outlines some of the reasons why veganism and vegetarianism are considered by many people to be such a crucial part of the efforts against climate change.

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The 3 Key Reasons You Should Consider Refurbished Catering Equipment   Equipment is a crucial part of your catering business. Along with

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7 Great Ways Your Catering Business Can Save Money   The catering industry is constantly growing. With customers demanding more choice, variety,

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The latest gadgets, trends, and technologies in the catering industry are slowly being revealed. They may not yet have hit the shops or be widely available, but experts agree that the changes below are the way forward. The catering industry is famous for its innovation, constantly meeting the changing tastes and demands of its millions of customers.

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The catering industry is one of the most exciting - and competitive - sectors worldwide. It sees constant growth and innovation, encompassing a range of companies, consumers and services. That is why the catering industry is almost constantly presented with challenges.

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Disposing of unneeded catering equipment in a responsible way can be a difficult task. Thankfully, at Caterquip, we can complete these jobs for you.

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Need an industrial freezer? We've got you covered! Our industrial freezers are up to 50% off retail prices and come with at least a 3 month warranty!

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