Is this Australia's sleaziest boss? Man accused of harassing employees

Four young women have come forward with sexual harassment claims They accuse Ravi Sathivayan, the manager at a Brisbane panel beaters 'Hundreds' of sexual and suggestive texts from Mr Sathivayan's phone number were sent to the young women, despite their objections The women also claim he touched them inappropriately An employee's boyfriend received an explicit Facebook message about her A Queensland man is being labelled Australia's sleaziest boss as police investigate multiple sexual harassment claims from former employees.

Schoolboy from East End council estate wins £76,000 to study at Eton

Hasan Patel, from Leyton, became youngest speaker at a political conference His parents moved from poverty-stricken India to UK for a better life for family Father Abdul Patel, 69, says he is 'incredibly proud' of his son for going to Eton Hasan tweeted last year that Eton has an 'absurd and corrupt charitable status' A Labour-supporting schoolboy from an East End council estate has won a £76,000 scholarship to Eton despite calling the public school 'absurd and corrupt'.

Ten-year-old Sri Lankan gets scholarship to school Mail readers funded

The CWW Kannangara School in Galle, Sri Lanka was destroyed by the tsunami It was rebuilt thanks to the generosity and fundraising of Daily Mail readers Sithumi Dhananjana, 10, is the first pupil to be awarded a scholarship there Sithumi Dhananjana is among the thousands of children who have attended the CWW Kannangara School overlooking the ocean in Sri Lanka's southern city of Galle.

Kanye West's 'stepfather' reveals he was 'prodigy genius child'

The man who considers himself Kanye's 'stepfather' revealed he was a 'prodigy genius child' who could at age three do 3D life drawings and was offered a scholarship at a local college Ulysses Blakeley, 67, lived with West and his mother Donda in Chicago throughout the musician's childhood, from when

Amnesty says London gangs database is discriminatory

LONDON (AP) - Britain's information watchdog said Wednesday it is investigating a police database of potential London gang members that Amnesty International alleges is racially discriminatory and breaches human rights law. Amnesty said the Metropolitan Police Gangs Matrix is stigmatizing young black men for the type of music they listen to or their social media behavior.

Businessman, Marco Robinson, ditches his party lifestyle to become a MODEL aged 46

Marco Robinson, 47, from Manchester had first heart attack at just 29 Gruelling job meant boozy lunches and late nights in the office After a second health scare, he quit his job and switched to clean eating Now the businessman has a chiselled six-pack and a modelling contract A man whose unhealthy lifestyle led to a near-fatal heart attack has told how swapping his high-pressure job for clean eating and weight training landed him a modelling career.

The Year of the Dog: Chinese celebrate 2018 Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year starts on February 16 as one-fifth of the world's population celebrate the festival The New Year is the Year of the Dog, succeeding the Year of the Rooster and preceding the Year of the Pig Millions of people have tuned in to watch the Chinese Near Year Gala, the world's most popular TV show Lunar New Year is celebrated by people around the world, but mainly in Eastern and South-east Asia It might just be the biggest annual party in the world - the Chinese New Year.

Astonishing 'unexplained' discovery beneath the Bermuda Triangle

Explorer Darrell Miklos has been using secret maps created by famed NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper to find shipwrecks in the Caribbean Diving at an undisclosed location near the Bahamas he found what he believes is the first evidence of an extra-terrestrial visit to earth hundreds of years ago What he

Prince Dead - Heartbreaking images released of Prince dead inside his Paisley Park

Images and video have been released from inside Prince's Paisley Park compound after the singer's death on April 21, 2016 The Carver County Sheriff's Department also released video taken at a nearby Walgreen's that shows Prince's assistant filling two prescriptions within hours Images of the home show the singer's vault

Utilities companies use long-distance drones to spot grid damage

Power companies largely use helicopters with cameras to inspect networks Utilities now looking to long-distance drones to scour thousands of miles of grid Companies expected to spend over $13 billion/year on drones, robotics by 2026 Flying robots that can travel dozens of kilometres without stopping could be the next big thing for power companies.

Woolworths workers appear to have written a VERY rude word on chickens

Image was uploaded to Reddit showing a rude word written on chicken boxes In fact, the mark in black ink on the right of the box is 7:45 upside down Staff wrote it on the boxes to indicate the time the chicken was cooked A picture making it seem that Woolworths staff have been writing the word s*** on fried chicken boxes has gone viral.

KFC winner has tattoo of chicken she got at Schoolies on Gold Coast

A Schoolies tattoo has landed a Sydney teenager the ultimate chicken prize Brooke Collins has been crowned 'Chicken Queen' by KFC after national search The 19-year-old won 'hilarious story' competition giving her year of fried chicken A joke tattoo has landed a teenager a year's worth of free KFC and the envious crown of 'Chicken Queen of Australia'.

Experts reveal Super bowl ads have abandoned hashtags in favor of URLs

Out of 66 ads only 30% of them had a hashtag - while 41% included a URL This year had a 15% decrease in number of hashtags used in commercials Twitter handles were only shown in 5 commercials and Facebook in 4 It could be the end of the hashtag.

The view from the TOP of the Great Pyramid: Illicit photos taken by tourists who secretly climbed wonder of the world at night

Russians waited until visitor hours were over at the famous site before scaling the Great Pyramid Photographs capture the Sphinx and surrounding desert as seen from peak of enormous ancient structure These photographs capture the views from the top of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Theresa May arrives for Lord Mayor's Banquet

Embattled Prime Minister arrives at Lord Mayor's Banquet in the City of London Mrs May wore a long, dark-green silk gown as she arrived with husband Philip Comes as 40 Tory backbenchers are willing to sign a letter of no confidence Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are also seeking to limit Brexit transition period Theresa May has arrived at the Lord Mayor's Banquet at the City of London's Guildhall as she faces a potential backbench rebellion within her party.

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Qatar Airways launches double beds in business class

The Qsuite allows passengers to recline two middle seats into a flat bed, with partition panels for privacy New feature is being trialed on a 777 service from Heathrow, but could be rolled out to Paris and New York Four passengers are also able to transform their seats to form a private area, complete with TV screens Qatar Airways has launched the first-ever double bed within business class.

The ONE thing that Meghan Markle has stopped wearing

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Meghan has totally ditched one of her trademark looks since meeting Prince Harry - and they say it's down to the Queen's rules.

A king-sized bed, conference room and wide-screen TVs: Inside Boeing's $80million customized business jet

Earlier this month, the aviation giant delivered this modified 737, similar to the one on show in China, to a private businessman in the United States - and it is the customer's second private Boeing jet. The 737 retails for a mere $57million.