3 Ways To Win Leads with Effective Copywriting

There are 4 things that affect the performance of your Online Ads - you'll need a great image, adequate budget to reach consumers, the right targeting options, and most importantly an attractive description for your Ad . In this article, we'll be focusing on why Copywriting your Real Estate Ad is extremely important.

5 Sales Communication Tips that are so Simple, We Forget Them

As salespeople, we need to not only master the ways around a Sales Agreement or the Property Market, but we need to be expert communicators as well. It takes a lot of work to generate leads and turn them into qualified prospects.

A Guide to Marketing your Listing

Our objective is to collaborate and exchange ideas with the real estate marketing community to refine existing lead generation and digital marketing practices

Supercharge Your PushAds With New Images

At DREA, we know many of you would like to use PushAds more creatively and make your ad stand out from your competition. To help all our marketers market out of the box, DREA has expanded its image library to allow you to tap on hundreds of lifestyle, landmarks and facilities images.


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