Exclusive Decor for Glassware

Our service is the decorative sand blasting of glassware & other materials, i.e. stainless steel or aluminium. The idea is to provide customers with a unique and exclusive option to customize and personalize glassware thereby adding value and giving character to plain old glassware. For example a beer or wine glass. Off the shelf this is a plain item without character. Add sandblasted effect or detail and you now have something unique and memorable. Add a name, occasional information, pattern, company logo and you have something that has value and says I care or just shows your appreciation. The same may apply for a vase, fruit bowl, mirror, cutlery, splash backs, entry door sidelights, etc. Let your imagination go and give your glassware a new look. Note that glassware can be personalised to include a name, number, message, etc. Please provide info when ordering. Please ensure to select design AND glass type (You also have the option to supply your own glassware so please call us to discuss this). Also provide any additional info that may be relevant. Font preference for added detail to be provided by the customer. We have access to an extensive design library so please fee