Restraint of trade: What does it mean and when is it enforceable?

A restraint of trade clause limits the ability of an employee to accept future employment which could be to the detriment of their current employer.

Investing in your employees doesn’t make them yours - Skills & training

Employers invest a lot of time & effort training employees. Can employers restrain an employee from utilising such skills & training at their new employer?

Master or servant – Who owns the fruits of labour?

To assess IP ownership, a useful question to ask is whether the IP would not have been created but for the employee’s employment with the employer.

The role of directors to protect personal information from cybercrime

Three pieces of legislation govern the fiduciary duties that directors must comply with in order to protect personal information from cybercrimes.

Are you an influencer? Then you may well need to be a follower.

Where Paid Advertising reasonably appears to be the unsolicited opinion of the influencer, then the material must be clearly identified as paid advertising.

Who is the boss of your cake? - Creations subject to copyright protection

While imitation may be a great source of flattery, one should be cautious in taking inspiration from the creations of others, even when it comes to cooking.