The deployment of industrial robots is rapidly intensifying, with the potential to change production processes worldwide

The demand for industrial robots has accelerated considerably in recent years as a result of continued technological advancements in automation systems and artificial intelligence. Since 2010, industrial robots have increased by 9 per cent year and at the end of 2015 some 1.6 million robots were deployed by industries worldwide.

People increasingly think that hard work doesn't pay off

Having access to decent employment opportunities is a major structural element of the social contract. It shapes the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers, fostering social mobility and in turn a fair distribution of resources and power in a society.

New technologies are bringing opportunities and challenges to working lives

The emergence of new technologies and means of production, coupled with the desire to improve work-life balance, has led to the development of new forms of work, notably telework and ICT-mobile work (T/ICTM).