TeenageMother Given House by Millionaire Marco Robinson, who used to be homeless

A teenage mother has been brought to tears after being given a new home by a millionaire who was homeless as a child. Marco Robinson, 49, a property developer now worth £25m, bought 18 year-old Holly a three-bedroom flat in Preston, Lancashire after she showed him the mould-covered flat she shared with her baby. Appearing on Channel 4’s Get a House for Free, the businessman met with three groups of people – Jo, a woman losing her eyesight, a family of Syrian refugees, and Holly and her daughter Bethany – who were all in need of a home.

A female Ebola survivor has infected someone else for the very first time

Scientists have found evidence that a woman can harbour the Ebola virus for more than a year and then infect others for the first time.  The discovery involved transmission within a Liberian family in the closing days of the West African epidemic that lasted from December 2014 to mid-2016. More than 28,600 people were infected and 11,325 died.

Europe’s illiberal states: why Hungary and Poland are turning away from constitutional democracy

Western Europe has looked on with mounting bewilderment and exasperation over the past few years at the political trajectory of Hungary, Poland and several other former communist states. Countries that, since 1989, were committed to common European values, including liberal democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law, are now implementing an altogether different political model.

Two Indian states may give everyone Universal Basic Income within two years

India could trial a universal basic income in one or two states within the next two years, the country’s chief economic adviser has suggested. Arvind Subramanian raised the idea of paying a small sum to every adult and child, regardless of their wealth, in India's Economic Survey 2016-17, an annual document released by the ministry of finance.

One of the world’s leading scientists says humans should abandon saving the planet and save themselves

James Lovelock, the pioneering scientist and environmental guru who came up with the Gaia theory of the Earth, believes it could be time for humanity to “save ourselves” – rather than the planet.

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If you have any of these flu symptoms seek medical help

There’s a big difference between cold and flu – one is a winter annoyance, the other can floor you for days. While a cold slowly builds over a few days, symptoms of the flu typically come on suddenly and you'll start to feel ill within a few days of becoming infected. You will usually be most infectious from the day your symptoms start until around three to seven days later.

The Complete Guide To: India's Golden Triangle

WHAT IS THE 'GOLDEN TRIANGLE'? India's Golden Triangle comprises the three most visited cities in the country's north-west - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which are all connected to each other by good road and rail links. On the map, these form a roughly equilateral triangle, some 200-250km along each side. This triangle has been dubbed "golden" for the extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical splendour on offer in each of the three cities.