Innovation Management

Critical Thinking There is a commonly held theory that critical thinking stifles creativity and innovation. Critical thinking, this theory goes, is traditional, formal and process-oriented. Creativity and innovation, on the other hand, require an unconventional, free-form environment for everyone to tap into their unique ideas. In this theory, critical thinking and creativity cannot possibly coexist. In reality, however, critical thinking and creativity are integral partners. Critical thinking prevents unintended biases like stereotyping, jumping to conclusions, only seeing what we want to see, and falling in love with our own idea. It expands our perspective and allows us to see solutions in a new light. Creativity alone generates ideas. Creativity combined with critical thinking generates innovation. Curiosity Curiosity lies at the heart of all innovation. It prompts us to ask ‘why’ and ‘what if’ even when we think we know the answer. Curiosity inspires us to question our assumption