After years of growth, the use of social media for news is falling across the world

But messaging apps are picking up the slack, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism finds in its 2018 Digital News Report.

Crowdsourcing trusted news sources can work — but not the way Facebook says it’ll do it

A new study finds asking Facebook users about publishers could "be quite effective in decreasing the amount of misinformation and disinformation circulating on social media" — but Facebook will need to make one important change to its plan.

Women of color are still underrepresented in media. A new report explains why (and how news orgs can turn it around)

For those invested in making news organizations more diverse, inclusive places, particularly for women, the past few years haven't offered much in the way of good news. ASNE's latest newsroom diversity survey, published last fall, found that women made up 39.1 percent of all newsroom employees in …

Scroll, the $5/month news subscription startup, signs up The Atlantic, Business Insider, Fusion Media Group, Slate, and others

Scroll, the news startup from former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile that will charge $5 per month in exchange for ad-free reading across a number of sites, has signed its first partners ahead of its launch later this year, the company announced Thursday. They include The Atlantic, Fusion Media Group, Bus…

Advertisers no longer need publishers. Should publishers give up on them?

"What is the future of the relationship between publishers and advertisers? And how can platforms, news publishers, and advertisers ensure a robust future for news publishers by shaping the quality of advertising?" These questions are addressed in "The Future of Advertising and Pu…

After years of testing, The Wall Street Journal has built a paywall that bends to the individual reader

Non-subscribers visiting now get a score, based on dozens of signals, that indicates how likely they'll be to subscribe. The paywall tightens or loosens accordingly: "The content you see is the output of the paywall, rather than an input."