Ontario Going Retroactive on Statutory Holiday Pay

After July 1st, public holiday pay will be equal to the total amount of regular wages earned and vacation pay payable to the employee in the four work weeks prior to the week in which the public holiday occurs, divided by 20.

Drinking and Driving May NOT be Cause for Dismissal by Employer

Previous court decisions have confirmed that an employee’s conduct outside of work may form the basis for the termination of their employment.

How To Help Prevent Workplace Harassment After #MeToo

The viral social media campaign shed light on the pervasiveness of this behaviour in the entertainment and political arenas. Yet it’s become clear that sexual harassment extends far beyond into nearly every workplace in every industry.

Can An Employer Do Anything About Negative Online Reviews? - Rudner Law

What can an employer do about negative online reviews? What if the online reviews left by a disgruntled employee and border on being defamatory?

Bonus Payments During the Notice Period: Yay or Nay?

This case reinforces the importance of having your policies with respect to bonus payments clearly and unambiguously set out in the bonus program document or in an employee’s contract of employment.

The Human Side of Human Resources - Rudner Law

If the employee needs time off to be with a sick child, or additional bereavement leave, or simply encouragement in their role, HR should provide it (within reason of course).

The Greater Benefit Prevails: USW, Local 2020 and Bristol Machine Works Ltd. (Bristol Machine)

The ESA is by no means intended to limit an employer’s ability to provide an employee with entitlements greater than those prescribed.

Sale of a Business and the Effect on Employees and Their Employment Contracts

If a business is sold and the new owner keeps the employees, have they entered into a new contract of employment or do the old contracts remain in effect?

You Received Your Job Offer - Now What? Don't Sign Contract Just Yet.

Don’t sign a job offer until you thoroughly review it and obtain legal advice from an employment lawyer that can do employment contract reviews.

Police Record Checks - New Law on Background Checks By Employers

Except in limited circumstances, the new Police Records Check Reform Act now prohibits disclosure of mental health records and non-conviction records.

Termination Clauses in Employment Contracts or Agreements

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. - Benjamin Franklin In Ontario, perhaps we can add challenges to termination clauses to this list. Over the past few years, we have seen countless cases in which dismissed employees have argued that, for one reason or another, they should not be held to the terms of the termination clause in their employment agreement.

To Record or Not to Record - Recording Workplace Conversations

Can employees - and more importantly, whether employees should - record conversations with coworkers or their employer in their workplace in Canada?

When Can an Employer Consider an Employment Contract Frustrated?

When will an employee being away from the workplace for a significant length of time result in the frustration of the employment contract itself?