Stances of the Product Owner

With the launch of a brand-new Product Owner-Advanced class (including certification) coming up, we want to introduce you to some new and unpublished content: The Stances of the Product Owner. In this article, we'll share an overview of both the preferred and the misunderstood Stances of the Product Owner.

What Product Ownership might entangle

Scrum is a framework for product development, and specifically well suited for complex products. The Product Owner is the role in Scrum to bring the business perspective to the team(s) creating and sustaining a software product.

Growing as a Product Owner: Five Product Owner Maturity-Levels

The Product Owner role is implemented in organizations in various different ways. The responsibilities and authorities of Product Owners vary across organizations, departments, teams and Product Owners. This can be explained to some extend, because it is a role that people need to grow into. The role requires some specific competences and a specific mindset.

The 18 Characteristics of a Great Product Owner

During a recent Product Owner training I gave the participants the assignment to complete the sentence A great Product Owner... The result was a nice overview of characteristics, skills and conditions necessary to fulfill this role in a great manner. In this blog post I'll share the result, completed with a short explanation and some more ideas of my own.

10 Tips for Product Owners on Agile Product Management

The Product Owner role is totally different from traditional roles that are know in most organizations. Some people think that the Product Owner is a kind of 'Agile project manager' or that the Product Owner is sort of a 'business analyst'. This is not true!